1972 Porsche 911-The Hammer

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  • 1972  Porsche 911 THE HAMMER
  • Engine was build for this car for $ 70.000.-
  • Transmission brand new
  • Axles and brakes of course new
  • All glass, and rubber seals are new as well
  • Factory Fuchs wheels
  • This wonderful car was completely disassembled
  • Over 2.000 man hours in completing this car to this perfect condition
  • Everything on this car is new
  • Undercarriage was completely preserved and afterwards painted
  • The perfect interior is completely New, as simple as that 
  • Perfect new paint
  • Rotisserie restoration
  • Of course no rust at all
  • All welding on frame still original
  • You will not find another Oil Cap like this car ever again
  • This car was completely rebuilt and no cost was spared

Sales price is ex Mission Viejo

US $ 174.911,00

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